Bison Basics: Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup

To me, simple syrups are key not only in any bar or restaurant, but in any kitchen period. They’re literally so simple to make (it’s just equal parts sugar and water along with whatever flavors you want to add), they last a long time, and they’re great to have on hand as quick and ready flavor enhancers.

Bison Basics: Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup |

The obvious use for simple syrup, of course, is in drinks. Simple syrups are great for not only alcoholic drinks, but things like teas and coffees as well because you don’t have to wait for anything to dissolve (like you would if you used regular sugar to sweeten your drink).

Beyond that though, simple syrups can be used in a multitude of ways: in soups, in stocks, in sauces, with sautéed vegetables or grilled meats… you name it.

The complex flavors that you can add to a simple syrup are infinite too. You could do something like a coriander mango pasilla pepper simple syrup or a mushroom blackberry rosemary simple syrup. Those are just two examples, but they show how you can take completely different flavor profiles and bring them together in one single product.

Sure, you could flavor your dish with all of those ingredients individually, but simple syrups act like a one-stop shop and really do all the work for you. By creating a simple syrup, it helps to really blend and marry all of the components, which makes for a stronger simple syrup and, of course, a more flavorful dish.

Simple syrups are also a lot smoother, so if you’re using a simple syrup like the coriander mango pasilla pepper to baste grilled meat, you won’t have the chunks of mango or pepper that you might if you just did a basic puree. There’s also the added bonus of saving yourself some time and energy as well: next time you want to make a mushroom blackberry rosemary chicken for dinner, you can just use your simple syrup instead of going through the steps to buy, prep, and season individually with all of those ingredients.

In the spirit of Bison Basics (our unintentional theme this week), we wanted to start off our first simple syrup lesson with a simple variation — pun intended.

Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup |

Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup |

As you know from our last post, we’re not big fans of preservatives or artificial flavors in this house, so we try to buy clean, local, and/or organic whenever possible. When it comes to produce, I think it’s especially important to buy it during the right season because it just tastes better.

Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup |

It's easy to make your own simple syrup at home! Try this delicious Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup from

The blueberries and mint for this recipe were local and organic and we’re lucky that our neighborhood wholesale club offers many organic products, especially things like produce, sugars, and spices, so this was a no-brainer.

recipe1¾ cup organic white sugar
¾ cup organic brown sugar
Juice of half an organic lime
2 cups organic mint
½ pint organic blueberries
1 ½ cup water

It's easy to make your own simple syrup at home! Try this delicious Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup from

Combine all ingredients in a medium pan and bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer over medium heat for 10-15 minutes. Last but not least, strain (making sure to press the blueberries through the strainer to get all of that extra juice). Enjoy however you want — get creative! And be sure to check in tomorrow for another recipe – that uses this very simple syrup! – to kick off your weekend.

Homemade Organic Blueberry Mint Simple Syrup |


5 Comments Add yours

  1. CakePants says:

    Oh wow, what a gorgeous syrup – a great way to use up some leftover blueberries!

    1. JP Bison says:

      I’m flattered, thank you. Blueberries really make for such great color in something like this.

  2. Sally says:

    I keep simple syrup on hand for cocktails but you’ve inspired me to make some flavoured ones too.

    1. JP Bison says:

      That’s awesome to hear! As I was writing this, I think I inspired myself to do a few posts in the future with some more savory/sweet simple syrups.

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