We sometimes like to do flashback posts as a way to share some relevant/old recipes with our new followers, but seeing as how it’s 4th of July time, it was hard to pick just one — I mean, when I think of the holiday, I always think of BBQ and we all know that Mr. Bison loves BBQ, so it feels right to do a special post today to share our favorite homemade BBQ-themed recipes in case you need some last minute ideas for your party!

First off, there’s the prep work. Sure, you could buy your spice rubs and sauces/marinades at the store, but it’s probably got a bunch of artificial crap in it that you don’t really want — and why not wow your guests with something that’s homemade (or, even better, truly from scratch)? As far as spice rubs go, they’re super easy to make at home and you can usually make them in huge batches, which means lots of money saved in the long run. So far on the blog, we’ve featured a country mountain BBQ rub as well as this sweet and savory spice rub and beer braise. We’ve also got a great starter/basic rub recipe that you can easily modify to your liking.


As for sauces and marinades, you could mix it up a little bit by stepping away from boring (not that I don’t love a good brown sugar BBQ sauce, but… it gets old) by making this fantastic mango sazon or maybe a Southern Comfort sweet tea BBQ sauce (which is fantastic on these smoked pork country ribs).

Smoked pork country ribs with a Southern Comfort sweet tea BBQ sauce |

Now all you have to do is decide what kind of meat you’re going to feature at your BBQ and how to prepare it! If you’re a pulled pork fan, it’s easy to make your own smoked pulled pork at home, even if you don’t have a traditional smoker.


If the weather’s too hot, you could always try smoking your meat indoors (hey, at the very least, it’ll make for a funny story, right?).

Campfire Ribs |

If you’re a traditionalist, there’s nothing better than ribs over an open fire. I love, love, love John’s campfire ribs that we made a few summers ago. Speaking of, did you know you can boil ribs? Because you totally can.

Did you know that you can boil ribs over an open fire? Try it this holiday weekend! |

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also make something like cherry glazed duck over the ol’ campfire.

Campfire Cherry Glazed Duck |
We’re happy to tell you that our campfire duck was recently featured on Brit + Co.’s list of ’29 Recipes to Up Your Campfire Cooking Game’

Oh and if you’re a burger person, check out our all-American waffle burger as an alternative to the norm: it’s got a pickle waffle (instead of a bun with, you know, pickles piled on the burger), from-scratch ketchup, and mustardy mustard greens!


Last but not least, the sides. They’re almost as important as the main dish, right? As a vegetarian option, try our  mixed vegetable ragout (eggplant, cucumber, green tomato, and corn… yum!) with a tomato watermelon vinaigrette. There’s also the obvious vegetarian cowboy beans which are easy to make and, well, delicious.

Vegetarian Cowboy Beans |

While we love potato salad as much as anyone, if you want you can throw together these garlic scape and red pepper potatoes instead. Oh so good!

Garlic Scape and Red Pepper Potatoes |

I am also suuuuper obsessed with this double breaded cilantro deep fried corn that just makes regular corn on the cob seem pointless now. But hey, whatever you do, we hope that you have fun this holiday weekend and enjoy celebrating food, friends, family, and ‘Merica!


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