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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here’s what we’re loving right now:

We Love Wednesday | theblueberrybison.com

    • We’re super excited to announce that John’s recipe for the Deconstructed Latin-Style Lobster Roll is now featured on the 5 Rabbit Brewery website! How cool is that? As you already know, they’re awesome people and they really appreciated the time we put into the review and loved John’s beer pairings, so we’re honored that they wanted to include this recipe on their site too.




    • We came across this beauty on instagram and are so excited to check it out this summer — a brewery, in a treehouse? Does it get any better than that?



    • And speaking of nachos… just in case you haven’t checked out the lobster roll yet (and what are you waiting for?!), you should know John loves deconstructed dishes and these Spicy California Roll Sushi Nachos are another great example of how to break down and reinvent a staple.


    • I went to the library last week to check out their cookbook section and, because we’ve recently become obsessed with — aka, we’ve spent some serious time Netflix binge-watching — Parks and Recreations, a book called Treat Yourself by Jennifer Steinhauer obviously caught my eye. I am literally so excited to start recreating all of the recipes (I hope you read that last part in a Chris Traeger voice).


    • One of our new favorite food bloggers — Get in my Mouf — made some killer Coffee-Infused Doughnut French Toast last month and it looks ah-mazing. We love the idea of getting creative with leftovers and even though John’s not a huge coffee fan (I know, what a travesty), this is definitely something we want to try asap.



    • But with that being said… it is so freaking hot and muggy outside today that I’ve already got fall/winter on the brain, so it’s no wonder this beautiful Frostbitten Raspberry Cake (with mascarpone cream, raspberry compote, and a white chocolate buttercream?!) caught my eye.


How’s your week going? If there’s anything you’re loving this Wednesday that you think we should check out or know about, leave a comment below!


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