Happy Friday everyone! Sorry we’ve been so quiet – as you may or may not know, we were sick the week of my birthday, then we took an impromptu road trip last weekend, and this week has been a mess of non-stop work, school, and appointments. Though this post will hardly be our usual “Follow the Bison” post, we wanted to give you just a quick peek into what we’ve been up to and what you can expect to see on the blog soon!

We attended Townhall’s new “Townhall Talks” event and had a blast! It’s a new exclusive/social media oriented series aimed at allowing patrons to experience the restaurant brand in a whole new way. March 20 was their inaugural event and it focused on teaching us about their fresh and local emulsive cocktails (and some tasty appetizers as well):

Follow the Bison Friday: Townhall Talks |

This past weekend we heard that 5 Rabbit Brewery (John’s favorite!) was going to be hosting a grand opening for their retail space/mini-taproom, so we decided it was the perfect time for a spontaneous trip to the Midwest. Will drive for craft beer, am I right?

Follow the Bison Friday: 5 Rabbit Brewery |

We then moved on to Milwaukee to check out the city and visit a friend of ours. She gave us the perfect tour of the city, starting with brunch at this neat little spot called Trocadero Gastrobar (which, of course, included learning about how much Wisconsinites love their Bloody Marys):

Follow the Bison Friday: Trocadero Gastrobar |

Then we discovered a fun local coffee spot called Colectivo:

Follow the Bison Friday: Colectivo Coffee |

Followed by, of course, a visit to Lakefront Brewery to sample what they had on draft (we love drinking local!):

Follow the Bison Friday: Lakefront Brewery |

Follow the Bison Friday: Lakefront Brewery |

And speaking of beer, we saw the location of the historic Pabst Brewery building, which was eerie and awesome all at the same time:

Follow the Bison Friday: Historic Pabst Brewery Building |

Oh, and did you know there’s such a place as the Mars Cheese Castle? Because it exists and it’s one of those all-American roadside attraction you should definitely visit:

Follow the Bison Friday: Mars Cheese Castle |

It was a great trip – too short as always – but we’re looking forward to visiting again soon. That’s all for now and again, sorry for the irregularity — we’ve come to find that it’s harder to maintain a food blog when both people involved work full-time, but we’re trying our best, so thanks again for sticking with us!



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