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Hello everyone — and happy Wednesday! This We Love Wednesday will be short and sweet because, well, I don’t know about you but this week is ridiculously busy for us Bison. Phew! Looking forward to the weekend now more than ever. So without further delay… here’s what we love this week:

We Love Wednesday! | theblueberrybison.com

    • I happened to stumble upon this infographic that combines my love of fun facts with two of my favorite things: coffee and alcohol! I like that it tells you some good-to-know facts about both instead of just telling you that, you know, they’re evil and need to be avoided at all costs.
    • Last but not least, they had this list of 27 genius kitchen solutions which featured some things we’d heard of, some things that made us say “nice!”, and other things that just made us roll our eyes and laugh.
    • John and I started off our St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl at Fat Head’s Brewery and we loved the food and the beer so much that we wanted to make sure to give them a shout this week; be on the look-out for a #FollowTheBison restaurant review about this awesome local spot sometime soon.
    • Speaking of baking, I am so excited to make these fudgy black bean brownies from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch; not only because they look fantastic but because I’m secretly looking forward to serving them to some anti-healthy folks and watching their reactions when they find out that, gasp, their dessert was made with black beans!
    • Though we don’t have any place for a home garden right now, John and I were happy to find this list of 25 foods that you can regrow from kitchen scraps thanks to DIY & Crafts! There are even a few hidden in the list that can be regrown indoors, so we’re looking forward to taking on that new adventure.
    • We’ve also gotta give a shout to our friends at World of Beer Lakewood as they’ll be celebrating their one-year anniversary on March 25! We love hanging out at WOB because they have an insane collection of craft beer and their staff is super-knowledgeable and always friendly. It’s also the same week as my birthday, so I pretty much have to help them celebrate, right?

Until next week…



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