Can we talk about this weather for a minute? Yesterday, it was sunny and beautiful and 61 degrees; I thought spring was finally upon us! But now… we’re on our way back to this:

A photo from the last time we got 6-10 inches… which unfortunately wasn’t too long ago.

Double ugh. Make up your mind, weather! Anyway, with happier things in mind, we’re introducing yet another new series this month (I KNOW!). Last week we introduced Bison Basics – our way of sharing some simpler/basic recipes to get you started in the kitchen – and this week, we’re introducing a little something called We Love Wednesdays!

I’m a huge fan of the food blog How Sweet It Is and this new series was inspired by her Currently Crushing On and Tuesday Things posts; we thought we could use Wednesdays to take a little break from regular recipes and reviews to tell you what we love at the moment. So, without further ado… our first We Love Wednesday!

New Series: We Love Wednesdays! |

    • John has always loved scotch eggs, but he recently came across this twist on the traditional (hash brown wrapped eggs!) that’s got him pretty excited to give it a try.
    • Last week I stumbled across this list of America’s Secret Bars and I just adore the idea of a little bit of mystery with your beer and booze. How very… speakeasy!
    • Our friends at Townhall – one of our favorite local CLE restaurants – are really doing social media right and starting this fantastic Community Buzz opportunity that’s a unique chance for social media fans to get more involved! So looking forward to what they have in store.
    • Since it’s March, almost every spot has some sort of Reuben on special right now; Johnny loves a good Reuben, he just hates the mess – but fortunately Dude Foods has figured out an awesome solution to that problem with The Reuben Cone.
    • After we posted our monster burger on Saturday, we stumbled across these drool-worthy burgers from Porn Burger (can you say wowza?). It definitely got Mr. Bison’s wheels clicking as far as gourmet burgers are concerned.
    • When John was a kid, his father owned a bar and deep fried vegetables were always his favorite, especially deep fried cauliflower; the other day he came across this recipe for Cheesy Cauliflower Tots on Pinterest that was like a blast from the past!
    • And speaking of reasons to love Pinterest, it recently helped me rediscover this delicious recipe for Chicken Parmesan Skillet Pot Pie from Picky Palate. Seriously, it’s so freaking good. I can’t wait to make it again now that I’ve got the recipe.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Feel free to comment below and tell us what you love today!



    1. I know right?! I really like this one because John and I both see food/beer things ALL the time but aren’t always able to share them — like if it’s a recipe, there’s not always time to try them out and if it’s an interesting article, some of our email-only followers won’t see if we tweet it, so this type of blog series is a win-win in that capacity!

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