Columbus Microbrew Festival |


Hey friends and followers! You’ve probably been wondering, “why so quiet, Blueberry Bison?”

Well, the simple answer is… we’ve been busy!

The weekend before last, we attended the Cleveland Garlic Festival in Shaker Square. It’s a great local festival that’s all about, obviously, garlic, but the funds from the fest help to keep the North Union Farmers Market open year round, so how can you beat that? We obviously found a bunch of different varieties of garlic to take home and also sampled a lot of local treats — like a nice Dunkel Weizen from The Brew Kettle, garlic fries from Sow Food, and a surprisingly yummy garlic sundae from Mason’s Creamery!

Cleveland Garlic Festival |

Then last weekend, we ended up at the Columbus Microbrew Festival at North Market which was a really great time! We definitely had no idea that the “tasters” included with the ticket price were more like half pints, so we got to try a lot of beer! It was great to have so many local breweries showing off their work and getting to see so much variety and deliciousness in one place. I’d list all the sample we tried, but hopefully you follow at least one of us on Twitter or Untappd so you already know!

Columbus Microbrew Festival |

And of course you know Johnny has been busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm whenever there’s a free second! We’ve been enjoying little things like alligator tacos…


…and frog legs…

Pan-Fried Frog Legs with a Purple Sweet Potato and Batata Hash |…and more pulled pork…

Preview of coming attractions: Pulled Pork! |

…for buffalo pork tacos…

Preview of coming attractions: Buffalo Pork Tacos! |

(There’s more but… why be cruel?)

So in between all that festival going and cooking — as well as the regular day-to-day stuff like, you know, work and school — it’s hard to find time to tell you about it! I know, I know… what a problem to have, right? Anyway, we plan on playing some serious catch-up here soon so that we can actually tell you more about what we’ve been doing (we even still owe you another New York City post!) and give you the recipes for these delicious dishes. Fingers crossed for a not-so-busy weekend!


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