Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |


So it’s Friday, which means weekend brunch is on my mind. And what better favorite brunch spot to talk about than Bonbon Pastry and Café in Cleveland?

A Cleveland Must-Try! Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

My lady and I aren’t really brunch people – or I should say we weren’t. It’s not that we were against brunch… we just didn’t really partake in brunch. But in reality, I really like breakfast and my lady prefers lunch, so brunch is perfect for us. When we started checking out local brunch spots, Jessica came across Bonbon. We were surprised to find out it’s right by the West Side Market (which you all know is a favorite go-to spot of mine). We probably walked past it a million times but hadn’t stopped in yet. Man, am I glad we did…

Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

It’s not a big place and it’s usually freaking packed for brunch – but we’ve never had to wait more than 15 or 20 minutes. And it’s definitely worth the wait. As soon as you walk in, you see the counter with fresh, lovely-smelling pastries and can sometimes watch them decorate a cake or two through the window. They’ve got these huge French presses on the counter, which Jessica really liked. She loves coffee, especially via French press, so that was a nice little touch —

Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

Right off the bat, I can say we keep coming back because of the excellent service. One thing I like about the whole atmosphere is that they don’t seem very uptight. A lot of times, you go into a busy restaurant and you can feel the tension – but at Bonbon, everyone feels real relaxed and laid back yet they still manage to do their jobs extremely well. We got the same waitress by coincidence on our second visit and she remembered our drink orders. How great is that?

Which speaking of,  Jessica is a huge coffee fan, but my guilty pleasure is old-school soda, so I like that they have their own (real) soda available too —

Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

And the food… Wow. Everything at Bonbon tastes real fresh. You can tell that a lot of their products are made in-house and it’s even better knowing some of the items are local too. On our first trip, I had the corned beef hash —

Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

It had all kinds of stuff in it, like brussels sprouts, peppers, onions, mushrooms and even a whole deep fried egg, which was a very nice touch. This hash had big chunks of corned beef (I personally like my corned beef hash to be a small dice or chop but hey, to each his own) but it was really good and just had great flavor. I especially loved the tiny little brussels sprouts in it. I also got a side of their cider bacon, which was fan-freaking-tastic.

My lady had something called “Chicken or the Egg” —

Soooo good! Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

it was an English muffin topped with a fried egg, a piece of fried chicken, avocado, tomato, and a spicy hollandaise. It was a fancy twist on a chicken and biscuit type dish (which is a personal favorite of Jessica’s) and she loved it. The avocado balanced out the hollandaise well and the chicken was cooked perfectly.

On our second visit, we decided to give their lunch menu a try —

Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

Jessica loves a good Philly sandwich and was pleasantly surprised with their Cleveland version of a classic. They paired it with some scrumptious sweet potato fries, which she polished off before she even touched the sandwich. I got the blue corn calamari po-boy, which had a nice little pickled salad on top. It was tangy and vinegary but balanced out well with the nice, creamy, and slightly sweet aioli on top.

On another brunch trip, I got the breakfast nachos —

Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

Not only was the portion size huge (I had to take some home) but it had all kinds of great stuff – chorizo, eggs, avocado, black beans, peppers, onions, pico de gallo… you name it. The chorizo wasn’t too hot but not too mild – like the perfect type of chorizo really. I’m kind of a pico de gallo snob, so I really appreciated their pico. ‘Twas phenomenal. Side note: Bonbon’s breakfast nachos were so wonderful that it inspired a new tradition in our home which is – you guessed it – Sunday breakfast nachos. Now we’ll pull out whatever leftovers we’ve got and put together a delicious little Sunday nachos dish, but that’s a blog entry for another day.

Jessica got the silver dollar pancakes —

Restaurant Review: BONBON PASTRY AND CAFÉ |

They were just the right kind of pancake – a nice balance of dense yet fluffy that tasted even better with the local Ohio maple syrup.

I’ve been recommending this place verbally to friends for a while, but now I’m posting the pictures to back it up. They speak for themselves, don’t they? Here’s hoping you decide to treat yourself to a little good-good this weekend with a brunch (or bakery) visit to Bonbon.


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